About Me

My journey started by growing up with a love for art, dance, and music. Naturally I found myself drawn to the art of cosmetology but my love of helping others did not stop there. After graduating from the Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center as a cosmetologist I attended Mount Aloysius College and graduated from the Physical Therapy Assistant program. I was then blessed to be able to live in many states as a traveling therapist. The traveling allowed me to immerse myself in a wide variety of unique places, all of which have helped build my dream of owning my own unique salon. With having my first child I became more aware of the harsh ingredients that are all around us. I decided to pursue a more natural lifestyle which I have also carried over into all aspects of the holistic hair spa. Cosmetology inspires me to help create someone's unique personal look and my background in physical therapy gives me knowledge into how the mind and body work in synergy to each other. I always knew I wanted to put these two passions together to create a balance of art and wellness. I have attended many hair shows, educational classes and seminars, as well as having hair models showcased in Pittsburgh by the international art organization, RAW:natural born artists. With my patient personality and 12 years of extensive knowledge of hair, body, and mind, my goal is to help you find your unique hair color and style to be beautifully balanced.


About Teal Flamingo

Teal Flamingo Holistic Hair Spa is an exclusive Organic Way (OWAY) salon that offers personalized packages designed to create an individualized hair treatment for each client. Extensive research went into finding a high-quality color and product line with cleaner ingredients that matched my personality and concept of the salon. I fell in love with OWAY’s values and humble ingredients then successfully completed the Organic Way Color Training Certification. OWAY is the world’s first professional hair color and styling line handcrafted with pure essential oils, biodynamic botanicals, and fair trade ingredients. By using these products that do not contain harsh chemicals it allows me to immerse each client in a multi-sensory non-toxic salon experience.

Every aspect of the one-on-one experience is meant to affect each of the five senses to not simply focus on the hair, but to bring balance to the mind & body. From the calm colors of the ocean to the pure essential oil diffused into the air, relaxation will come easily. The soothing sound of music and touch of a gentle scalp massage will allow you to take a break from the everyday noise, take a breath, and simply just be.

Quality experiences and services will be followed by careful education on the proper styling and maintenance specific to each client in their path to be beautifully balanced.

about our values

The salon was thoughtfully designed using nature + art to be a relaxing and eco-friendly space. These are the many ways in which we strive to reduce our impact on the environment:

  • OWAY products come in fully recyclable packaging which eliminates a large amount of waste production.

  • Our refill program allows you to reuse your original OWAY glass containers indefinitely with a 15% discount.

  • All of our furnishings were handcrafted with love using reclaimed barn wood, pallets, and re-purposed materials.

  • We refurbished and re-purposed vintage salon fixtures such as the styling chair and shampoo basin.

  • Our Peace Lily’s show off their beautiful white blooms while naturally filtering and improving the air quality.

  • Only all natural cleaning supplies are used in the space.

  • All items are sorted and recycled while striving to be a zero waste salon.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”
– Native American Proverb